Recommended Procedures for Plan Review Submittal

Preliminary reviews:

Preliminary reviews and/or consultations are encouraged for major projects.  Please consult this office for further information. 

Permit Reviews:  For each discipline that is selected for a Code review, the following construction documents will be required:

Building Code & Accessibility Plan Review

Provide one (1) complete set of:
    • the site plans (Civil), the building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings, 
    • the specifications, 
    • the soil boring report,
    • the sealed structural calculations.

Plumbing Code & Mechanical Code:

Provide one (1) complete set of:
    • all plumbing and HVAC drawings, 
    • all plumbing and HVAC specifications,
    • all plumbing dfu and HVAC ventilation calculations.

NFPA Electric Code (NEC latest edition): 

Provide one (1) complete set of:
    • all electrical drawings,
    • all electrical specifications.


  • Preparation of a BUILDING PLAN REVIEW DATA FORM that categorizes the essential building code requirements. The basic building components are translated into table format that serves as the basis for the required building parameters.
  • An itemized list of Code deficiencies identified in the construction documents. The List of Code deficiencies is presented by Building discipline category. Each deficiency is crossed referenced to the specific Code section for ease of reference.
  • A letter of recommendation of action to be taken by the Authority having jurisdiction.
Recommended Procedures for Re-review Submittal
  • The permit applicant's response to Plan Review # 1 for re-reviews shall consist of correcting the construction documents and re-submitting the complete set of drawings in the same quantities for Review # 1
  • The permit applicant shall provide an item by item written reply prepared by the design professional, indicating the location of all changes, corrections, and clarifications to the construction documents in response to the plan review comments. Identify the file number of the review in all correspondence. 
  • Changes to the construction documents that are NOT a direct result of Plan Review #1 or to re-reviews, must be clearly identified. If changes are not identified in writing, all re-reviews of this project will only address the comments in Plan Review #1.

  • A written evaluation by Merchut & Merchut of the design professional's response to Review #1. The original Plan review comments are reproduced in Plan Review #2, with Merchut & Merchut's evaluation of the permit applicant's response highlighted under each comment.
  • A letter of recommendation of action to be taken by the Authority having Jurisdiction.
  • This procedure is repeated until the construction documents are satisfactorily completed.