Prior to establishing Merchut & Merchut, Inc., (formerly WJ Merchut, Inc) Mr. William Merchut was Managing Engineer for Research and Evaluation for BOCA International, where an in-depth knowledge of rationale and philosophy of BOCA National Building Code was acquired. This knowledge was further enhanced by his work as an architect for the firm of Lobel Schlossman & Hackle, Inc., where he was able to apply the code as a design tool during the development of a design. Having a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Illinois, and having worked with the code in both a theoretical sense and direct application, Bill is able to utilize the code as a flexible tool in order to enhance the public welfare and safety in building. Bill is a certified Plan Reviewer.

Ms. Rhonda Merchut is a registered architect in the state of Illinois with a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from the University of Illinois. As a former project manager for a major developer/owner, Rhonda brings unique insight into the code application process. Specializing in government regulations, including accessibility standards and historic preservation, she is able to evaluate all code requirements and coordinate them to provide a non-conflicting, cohesive report. With experience in all major building types from design development to construction inspection, Rhonda understands the difficulties encountered in a project. Rhonda is able to anticipate where complication may arise and utilize her design and construction experience to mitigate problems Her extensive construction experience gives her exceptional insight to the translation of design into a final building. 

Together, with a team of engineering specialist, Merchut & Merchut, Inc. is able to offer a comprehensive package of code review services.